TR 4000 3/1 6KVA-20KVA Online UPS

TR4000 3/1 6KVA-20KVA Online UPS 3/1 is an online double-conversion UPS with output power factor 0.9 offering high levels of reliability and protection.

Product Description

TR4000 3/1 6KVA-20KVA

TR4000 3/1 6KVA-20KVA Online UPS 3-phase in/1-phase out is an on-line double-conversion UPS with output power factor 0.9 offering high levels of reliability and protection for IT systems, telecommunications equipment and mission critical systems, ensuring maximum power reliability. Besides standard run time as backup power, TR 4000 UPS (long time model can be fitted with matching battery extension packs for long run time applications; Besides standard features of normal UPS, it is also able to bear wide input voltage in harsh environment, and support 50/60Hz frequency conversion mode, select input mode via LCD: 3/1 or 1/1; optional N+X redundancy parallel function is also available.

Technical Characteristics

● Rack/Tower design
● High frequency and true double-conversion
● DSP digital control technology
● Input power factor correction (PFC)
● Wide input voltage range (110V~300V)
● Output power factor 0.9
● Cold start
● Auto sensing frequency
● ECO mode operation for energy saving
● Selectable output voltage via LCD
● Output bypass settable for 1,2,3KVA via LCD

● 50Hz/60Hz frequency conversion mode available on 6~10KVA

● Selectable battery low voltage via LCD
● Power-on self test
● Advanced battery management (ABM)
● Short circuit and overload protection
● Automatic charging in UPS OFF mode
● Fan speed auto control when loads varies
● Standard RS232 communication port and RJ45 protection
● Optional USB/SNMP communication port
● Optional emergency power off (EPO)
● Optional extension battery bank
● Optional N+X redundancy parallel on 6~10KVA

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