MPPT Solar Charge Controller LCD/ LED

Product Description

MPPT Solar Charge Controller LCD / LED  12V/24/ 48V/ 96V 5A ~ 120 A

This is a highly intelligent charge controller with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT). The optimal and intelligent “MPPT + SOC” charge control is implemented. The power switching components consist of low-loss MOSFET type transistors that have a long operating life and guarantee high performance. The extremely low own consumption makes it especially suitable for solar home systems, solar street lamp system, advertising lighting, traffic management system, and other professional applications etc. With the reverse polarity protection, lightning protection, electronic fuse and automatic detection of faulty battery, the controller is robust, maintenance-free and user-friendly

Applications:  solar home system, public security monitoring system, solar street lamp system, DC signal light power supply system, small and medium-sized telecommunication station,

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