Industrial Power Inverter GP-PX series

Industrial Power Inverters are designed to provide backup solutions for heavy duty machines

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Product Description

Industrial Power Inverter GP-PX series. 10kw – 120kw,

Online, Pure sine wave, Robust and Intelligent charging system, Isolation transformer, P.F = 1

The Pure Sine Wave Industrial Power Inverter is required for  long backup power solution for heavy duty loads  in commercial  and industrial facilities. It  a transformer base  inverter  with inbuilt isolation transformer, the powerful and robust intelligent  inbuilt charger ensures that batteries are charged pretty fast and smartly too.

GP-PX series products use high speed DSP control unit, advanced high speed IGBT, MOSFET components, with  double conversion system configuration. Under high-speed DSP system control, the system can quickly track panels to do high-power, load change and efficient multi-level control system, even if the mains input voltage and frequency suddenly change, over/under voltage, or power disturbances, it  can also  provide the load with regulated voltage and frequency power, the machine is reliable, environmentally friendly, high intelligence and other positive characteristics. Suitable f to provide backup solutions for heavy duty machines such as Air conditioning, Printing press, automated industrial machines, hospitals, commercial buildings, schools etc


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