Hybrid (Bi-direction) Solar Inverter 3KW

Product Description

Hybrid (Bi-direction) Solar Inverter is  rated 3000W ,  its a device that combine PV energy  with energy storage systems. It utilizes solar power, AC utility and battery power to ensure continuous power supply, and users can store the unused energy produced during the day by PV system in the battery and use it whenever they needs, even at night, it helps increase self-consumption and achieve greater energy self-sufficiency.

This smart device  Operating modes can be programmed flexibly to either work as Off grid or On grid

Intelligent monitoring

  • LCD, LED display real-time operating information
  • Monitoring software display real-time operating information
  • Monitoring software make operating modes programmed and control
  • ●Various communications selectable via USB, RS232, RS485, SNMP


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