High Power Inverter GP-PMX series.

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Product Description

High Power Inverter GP-PMX series, 3.5kVA – 8KVA

Pure sine wave, Robust and Intelligent charging system, Mili sec transfer time, P.F = 0.9,  Isolation transformer

 GP-PMX series products are designed to provide power backups to  household and office appliances,, communication station equipment and computer peripheral equipment etc.  They have the function of energy conservation and environment protection. They adopt IGBT Technology  technique, having various kinds of function such as multi-setting mode, voltage stabilization on line, short-circuit protection, inverter frequency adaptive, output overload, battery charging management, monitoring etc. With display of LCD and LED, all the parameters and running status could be visible. Intelligent monitor is available via RS232 &USB connecting with PC, while remote control via RS485 &SNMP,  GP-PMX series products are the ideal power Inverter  delivered with excellent performance, high stability, high reliability and high practical applicability. GP -PMX  is adaptable for off grid solar installation with our  Solar MPPT  charge controllers,


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