Energy Management System

Product Description

Energy management solution is an integral part of our business, we produce the hard ware and software components of EMS, We consult for smart businesses and individuals who knows the importance of efficient energy management to profitability, security and customer satisfactions.Knowing your energy consumption pattern is good but knowing how to manage it to impacts your bottom line and give your business the competitive edge is most important.

Energy Efficiency is about monitoring and controlling the growth of energy consumption through energy management software and building automation solution, Our EMS Solution is all about getting more delivery out of your energy input, or the same delivery for less energy input.
Why not partner with us to design and manage your energy in the most efficient and professional manner and you will be glad you did. We manage energy assets in solar systems, data centres, power plants, factories, public facilities, office buildings, residential homes etc
The world is experiencing raising energy cost,

Therefore lets us advice you on how to keep your energy demand down without affecting your productivity.. Let’s get started ! Call now for free consultation.
Procedure for Energy Management System
Energy Audit and Analysis
We take pain to meticulously conduct load audit on your facilities to
1. Number your endpoints
2. Ascertain the need for the endpoints
3. Eliminate unnecessary endpoints
4.. Ascertain the efficiency level of the endpoints
5.. Proffer alternatives to inefficient endpoints
6. Identify necessary but inefficient endpoints to be closely monitored and controlled.
It is therefore important to identify how your organisation receives, uses and pays for energy. Our energy audit is the first step to achieving at more cost-effective, sustainable and efficient energy regime.

Energy Efficiency Strategy.

We profiles your loads with the aim to drive the future performance of your facilities new energy economic model. we ensures that only energy efficient functional point are allowed to operate freely.
Using Metal Halides or Pressure sodium bulbs is crossly discourage and replace with the finest quality LED fixtures on the market at the most competitive pricing possible. LED lighting provides higher Lumen output, lower energy consumption, long lasting life (20-40 years) and warranties from the manufacturer. They also produce quick payback periods and unmatched quality that will last long into the future.

We Provide Energy Efficient Solutions that Save Your Business Money on Energy Costs

Pricing and Economic Modeling
We customizise season as benchmark, on/off peak, annual or multi-year fixed and/or floating parameter pricing strategies, GPElectronic ensures certainty in the energy budget of an organisation.With our customized pricing strategies, our clients effectively limit price risks for their organization and optimize the process of pricing electricity.

Sensor ( Hardware), Monitoring & Control ( Software ):
The BASE Controller comes with Touchscreen with a Mac Mini, Power Supply and imaged BASE Software Suite. The BASE Controller is the computer platform require for speedy data processing and high resolution graphics interface ( 2.5 Ghz dual-core Intel i5 Processor, 4 GB DdR3 Memory, Intel 240 GB Solid-State Drive and Intel HD Graphics 4000).
The communication interface can be through LAN, WLAN and Cloud technology which enables the BASE unit to be monitored and controlled on-site or remotely with internet access.
The sensor ensures real-time monitoring and controlling of functional( Loads) Points
Comprehensive Support Agreement
• Software Support: We offer remote assistance on issues related to the base units by providing quick fix, remote access, user access, adjustments & upgrade assurance
• Hardware Support: We also remotely give basic wiring troubleshooting techniques and software integration with the Base unit, we provide spare part, replacement sensor, upgrade sensors
• Emergency Support – Direct 24/7 telephone access to a Service engineer

• Comprehensive Performance Reporting: We analyze all logged data exported into .csv files monthly and offer advice in form of report.


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