26 Jun 2016
June 26, 2016


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Hardy Series

Trim series

Status Series

Duck Series

Solar UPS

Every critical infrastructure requires uninterrupted Power Supply, our UPS models are designed for diverse critical applications raging from Health Care, data centre, transportation, commercial facilities, industrial machines, and even domestic use. gpelectronic has a masterstroke designs to produce an efficient, rugged and cost effective backup solutions

Our  transformer base online standalone UPS is Hardy series, designed for rugged and industrial applications especially where the input utility supply is dirty, Trim series is a smart high frequency transformer-less online UPS deigned for budget while ensuring the high reliability of Hardy series. The Status series  is modular, hot swappable, double conversion online UPS designed for Telecom, ICT and Data Centre applications where redundancy and  foot print is critical. Our Duck series is a line interactive UPS designed for not too critical applications especially for domestic and office uses. Solar UPS is a Standalone UPS with inbuilt MPPT Solar charge controller design to address the limitation of incorporating solar energy into a conventional UPS due to their high operating voltage,